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“Authentic Victorian buildings, a real time travel town”

I grew up in South Australia (i know live in USA). My mother's cousin, Peter, owns this great re-creation town. Before it opened my sister and i used to walk through the old buildings and take second glances at the mannequins in the stores as the sun went down outside. Of course as fascinating as it was, we were a little scared to stay too long.
My husband and I recently visited there again in 2007.
It is full of authentic old buildings collected over the years from all over Australia. It is so much fun to enter the individual buldings and have the fortune of being able to touch everything, hardly anything is fenced off and its wonderful to sit in the old chairs, dance in the dance hall and sit in the old cinema chairs (but watch out for the morgue!). By the horses bite (found that the hard way - the sign warning us was on the other side hehe). There are street signs all over the place and loud Australian music playing throughout the town. Wonderful atmosphere, would completely recommend for any great tourist experience. Best to travel there by car, about one hour or so from Adelaide.

“Really interesting - & just a little spooky too!”

bout 1 hour drive out of Adelaide on the Expressway you will come across Old Tailem Town. When we visited we had the place pretty much to ourselves & I have to say it was quite spooky - we all agreed we wouldn't want to be there after dark!
It would make a fantastic horror film set - a film location dream.........
Basically old historical buildings, cars, tools et al have been gathered together as a pioneer town. There is an incredible amount of stuff here, & it will easily take you a couple of hours to wander around. There are several collections gathered by the Shepherd family on display, and as previous reviewers have noted; music playing - in our case oldly enough a vienese waltz theme????
Good points - a fascinating glimpse into old settler life, not so good points - quite dusty & a bit rickety in places - a couple of the rooms smelt so musty I couldn't stay in them. On one hand it's good to see all the stuff salvaged, on the other it's a bit sad to see it all sitting or rusting away.
The admission fee is only $20 each - & it includes a cup of tea or coffee! I'd really encourage you to go along & support the town - I wish we'd had more time to talk to the folks there.
Visited March 2011

“Fascinating and extensive historical village- a bit ragged around the edges- still worth a visit”

Old Tailem Town is an astonishingly extensive historic village (billed as Australia's largest).
A broad range of old buildings have been relocated to the village site, recreating a streetscape from the past.
Each building is appropriately furnished and decorated.
You can wander around at your leisure. This will easily take a couple of hours. It 's a good day trip from Adelaide. The entry price is very reasonable. Check their website for up to date opening times.
I should mention that some of the buildings are a bit ragged round the edges- this is a private venture, and they could do with more funding to restore some of the buildings. Nonetheless, this worth the trip- about an hour's drive from Adelaide.